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Arctic Cod Fishing in Steigen is a wonderful experience!

Steigen Sjohus is well suited for a memorable time out from everyday life and for the good nature experiences. What can compare with the fresh fish straight of lore, and a ride up the mountain and see the Vestfjord over to the majestic Lofoten wall.

Not only is it good fishing but the nature around us is incredibly beautiful, with big contrasts from hour to hour, day by day.

«Skrei is Arctic Cod (Gadus morhua), which every winter and spring makes giant walks in large numbers to the Norwegian coast and migration to the central areas of the Barents Sea. Skrei is also a term used for the Norwegian Arctic cod stock.

Approximately 40% of the cod spawn in the Lofoten area in Nordland in February-April
But the cod spawning area extends from the northwest coast, or even down at Haugesund, Sørøya in Finnmark. The annual cod fishing is particularly extensive in Nordland, and cod is considered Norway’s oldest export product. The fish is traditionally served drawn in lightly salted water, with livers and boiled potatoes as a side dish (moelje).

The word skrei comes from the Norwegian word skreið which means fish that goes or walks” (From Wikipedia)

Do not forget to book Arctic Cod fishing March 15th – April 10th.

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